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What is COURAGE?

      Courage is an abstract feeling, that's why everyone perceives it in their own way. Actually, for me courage doesn't mean to be brutal or fearless. Unfortunately, people always connect this character trait with stupidity or heroism. According to this quotation, the courage is an ability to speak your mind even under pressure, you are not afraid of danger, you don't want to give up. Your heart can be overflowing with fear, but you can't show your weakness. I'm sure, that the courageous people are always wise because they know how to act in different situations. Usually, only leaders have this quality of character. We can find the biggest number of such figures in world history. I think that one of the most remarkable human beings was Sir William Wallace. He was an incredibly wealthy man, but he struggled against anti-social politics of the Queen. Having lost everything, he found something more than wealth, he found his destination and got enjoyment from it. Moreover, he became national hero, because he overcame his fear and achieved success, despite the fact that he was killed. I would like to say, that no one of great people didn't have the readiness to die, but they didn't give up, they turn their fear into positive energy and did everything for their nation. 
   Even simple human can be courageous. He or she only needs to break down stereotypes, overcome the scarcity of confidence and do what they want to do. If something terrifies them, they need to fight with this. Don't think about complications and problems which will appear. Don't be as quite as a mouse. To be courageous is the irreversible way of life.

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  1. Not all people can be courageous, some are completely vulnerable... As for me, courage is about being afraid of something and bottling your fear up. Generally it`s more than simply important, courage helps to overcome milestones!

  2. As for me, to be courageous means not to afraid to put everything right if a situation is out of hand. Its to be brave enough to sort out all the problems but not to pile them up until they cannot be resolved. However, I think everyone of us is courageous in their own way.

  3. Do you really think that courageous people are always prudent? Hmm, they may be so but mind you there’re a lot of crazy daredevils among them. I think that being courageous means not to be afraid of using your initiative. Moreover, I agree that courageous people are not afraid to encounter problems or other unpleasant situations. It is good to be courageous, but unfortunately it is easier said than done.