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A message for the freshers

Dear freshers!
         I would like to let you in on the secrets of this course. It seems to me that this information can be useful for you and as a result you will make good progress with vocabulary. 
         Firstly, you should hand in your blogs on time. Don't put off anything until last night. Write everything in advance and you will have the ability to rewrite your blog when you are inspired. In practice it’s complicated to come up with sentences which include active vocabulary, but practice makes perfect. Indeed, you won’t fall behind your subgroups.
         Secondly, think about the structure of the blog, what you want to write. Also, you can create a plan and follow it while you are writing. In other words, it will help you not to lose your ideas. Actually, writing is the best way to brush up on new words. What about active vocabulary? You can write down complicated words on pieces of paper and stick them on the wall near the bed or table. In this way, you will often see them and your visual memory will also work.
A for me, to tell the truth, it wasn't as easy as ABC. I had to read a lot of different articles and other materials about some themes in which I wasn't aware. It helped me to catch up with some interesting information which I didn't know before. In short, I acquired knowledge in different spheres of our life. This course gave the chance of learning how to use different idioms, collocations, phrasal verbs in appropriate way. It’s my firm conviction that I found out the way how to learn new words easily. Of course, I burned the midnight oil, but I don’t regret about it. I grasped the importance of opportunities which I had got due to vocabulary. Sometimes, it seemed to be unreal to do all those tasks, but I tried not to lose my nerves. As you can see, it’s very important to control your feelings. Be focused on what you're doing.

         To sum up, stick to these pieces of advice and you will be happy. Good luck and everything the best!

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